Aromas for Healing
focused on evidence based clinical aromatherapy for
Women's Health 




Aromas for Healing™  was founded by a nurse aromatherapist to provide aromatic complementary therapy education for healthcare professionals, women and families while developing therapeutic products to support life cycle transitions and athletic endeavors





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“My goal is to offer aromatic choices for healthcare conditions and to promote physical and emotional well-being. Many individuals experience an enhanced effect when their traditional treatment is infused with complementary therapies such as aromatherapy. My philosophy is to educate and empower women and families by sharing the available treatment options to produce the optimal result .” 


Runner's Relief -All Sports Aches and Pains lotion and the Indianapolis Mini Marathon 2012  a perfect combination!
Developed for you by a nurse, runner and mother of athletes


Gold metallic labels on cobalt blue bottles highlight the therapeutic gems in the lotion and oil blends.

Girlfriends and sisters appreciate Women's Balance Blend for PMS or Menopausal discomfort and New Womans Bliss for anxiety and to uplift spirits!


Runners and soccer players love Runners Relief lotion for stiffness,cramps and sore muscles!

Video:Aromatherapy for the Woman's Lifecycle