Aromas for Healing

 Lady Liberty Lavender™  $20.19 12 ml Pure French Lavender essential oil



Aromatherapy courses

 Aromatic Complementary Therapies class TBD 





"Women’s Health Clinically Evidence Based Aromatherapy for Nurses, Midwives, Doulas and Therapists" 18 CNE TBD 2019

IU North Hospital Carmel IN

$250/pp Approved by American Holistic Nurses Association


 (case study kit additional)

Required Aromatic Childbirth Case study class kit at link below (www.arylsnaturals.)

Aromatic ChildbirthTM Kit

Aromatherapy techniques for pain, anxiety and depression support Thurs Jan 24th 6-8pm IUNorth Hospital $35/pp


Online Nursing Aromatherapy Women's Health Consultations (Aromatic childbirth-Postpartum and Integrative PMS-Menopause) $45/30 mins




"Integrative Aromatic Herbal Therapies for Women's Health" Sat Jan 26th 1-3pm IUNorth Hospital $35/pp

Therapeutic oil blends

 Aches and Pains 4 oz lotion from Wellspring pharmacy


Healthy Winter workshop TBD



Stress and Rest Workshop TBD

Runners and Healing workshop TBD





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