Clinical Aromatherapy courses  and presentations 


 "Clinical Aromatherapy for Woman’s Health Nurses, Nurse Midwives
                    Therapists and Doulas"  2 day 18 CNE  AHNA approved 






If traveling, make an aromatherapy kit
for a much more pleasant,
fun and aromatic journey!



Helped ease nausea in pre and post op surgical patients 


Aromatherapy courses
Oxford England June 22nd 1-2 pm Women's Health Evidence based Clinical Aromatherapy presentation  AA Sponsor

 "Clinical Aromatherapy for Woman’s Health Nurses, Nurse Midwives, Therapists and Doulas"  2 day 18 CNE  AHNA approved  IUHealth North, Carmel IN  Aug 31st/Sept 1st $250.00 

 (case study kit additional)

Required Aromatic Childbirth Case study class kit at link below (




Aromatic ChildbirthTM Kit

Private Aromatic Complementary Therapy Consultations $55-$85




Aromatherapy for Early Motherhood and Young Children IUHealth North Carmel IN  Date TBD $28/pp (preregistration required) 


"Aromatherapy in Hospice Care-patient and caregiver support" class for everyone Date TBD IUHealth North $28 preregistration 

Clases en Espanol y ingles

Aromaterapia para la salud mujeres $28.00 TBD


Aromaterapia para su casa y familia $28.00









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