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About Pam Conrad, Founder of
Aromas for Healing™


Pam Conrad PGd, BSN, RN, CCAP Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and Purdue nurse, spent two years studying advanced aromatherapy and graduate complementary therapies in England and France. She had the opportunity to experience the therapeutic clinical use and benefits of aromatherapy with some of the leading medical experts in the field (Denise Tiran, Jane Buckle, Ethel Burns, Dr. Daniel Peneol, Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt). Her studies included an internship with Denise Tiran in London, who specializes in the use of various modalities including aromatherapy with prenatal, labor and post partum patients. She also studied at Bristol Cancer Centre and at an advanced aromatherapy retreat in Provence, France studying various antibacterial and antiviral essential oil applications with leaders in the global field of aromatherapy. She completed her Masters diploma in Complementary Therapy Studies at Unversity of Westminster London, England.

Professional speaker

Pam is a lively, humorous and informative speaker combining a passion for aromatic complementary therapies with experience in and respect for traditional medicine. She has successfully shared the following programs as a keynote and workshop speaker.

Examples of available professional speaking programs:
  • Caring for our Caregivers
  • Easing the Cancer Journey
  • Clinical Aromatherapy for Women's Health
  • Aromatherapy to support the Emotional Heart
  • Aromatic Complementary Therapies for Pain
  • Scented Spiritual Journey
  • Lavender Journeys-Aromatic Stress Reduction
  • Customized aromatherapy workshops for professional groups


 Aromatherapy Hospital Programs and Research

In 2008 Pam developed "The 1st in the US" evidence based hospital Aromatic ChildbirthTM program in Indianapolis. The evidence based nursing curriculum for this program is now taught to nurses and nurse midwives throughout the US. She's recently completed a pilot clinical research study exploring  "Clinical Aromatherapy for Anxiety and Depression in the high risk postpartum women" She presented her research at international conferences in Japan, Canada, US, Chile and Dublin, Ireland. 

Currently, clinical therapeutic programs for easing nausea and pain are underway with surgical and oncology patients. 

Surgical Center Results of Mintease use with Post-



Hospital Consultant Nursing Aromatherapy Educator




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